Organizations and Groups

When groups volunteer together, it is a great way to build teamwork and gain better communication between everyone involved. Volunteering as a group is also an excellent way to learn more about each person, and also improve a sense of togetherness within a group. The bonds that can be formed from volunteering can also improve a workplace environment, and it has been proven that co-workers that volunteer together have better relations and are happier at work.

Thank you very much for your interest in exploring group volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland. The agency's ability to meet the needs of those we serve is only possible through the dedication and support of our invaluable volunteers.

Group volunteering is a great way to encourage teamwork, promote leadership, enhance morale, advance philanthropic goals, and increase community involvement.

Examples of the types of groups we have: Schools, Churches, Rotaries, Real Estate Agencies, Restaurants, and Large Corporations.

Groups can come in just for a half-day, a full day or on a more regular basis if desired.

On-Site Opportunities for Groups Include:

  • Special projects - such as painting one of the senior center rooms
  • Homebound Meal Delivery - travel in pairs to deliver meals to local homebound residents
  • Group Activities with our Seniors - share your group's idea for fun activities to lead at our local centers
  • Visiting with Seniors - spend time with our seniors at our local centers
  • Commissary Assistance - help with meal preparation in our commissary
  • Adopt-A-Route - deliver meals on a regular basis such as weekly or monthly

Off-Site Volunteering Opportunities

Miles of Smiles

Did you know poor oral health affects the whole body? Bacteria buildup on teeth and gums can cause multiple complications such as pneumonia, stroke, heart disease and more. Help us keep our participants smiling brightly by creating handy bags with all one needs to guarantee a healthy mouth. MUST USE Miles of Smiles instructions to complete.

Blizzard Boxes


This emergency food program evolved to insure that the Agency's homebound recipients have a sufficient supply of non-perishable food items in case of weather related emergency. Donated shelf-stable food items are collected and packed into wrapped shoe boxes as complete meals. Completed boxes can be delivered to the logistics coordinator Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm. MUST USE Blizzard Box instructions to complete. Boxes that do not adhere to instructions cannot be accepted.

Caring Cards and Crafts

Many of us look forward to celebrating Holidays with the ones we love, but for others, it can be very lonesome. Holidays of any kind can lead to extra heartache for those who may have lost somebody close to them. You can partner with Meals on Wheels to make cards for seniors to help brighten their day. Caring Cards & Crafts is a great project for students, teachers, youth groups and families.  The cards & crafts are simple, handmade cutouts, but the thought and meaning behind each one is so much greater. The cards are filled with love, good wishes and even poetry. Please note that this program cannot be used to fulfill service hours.