2022 Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Just like the rain doesn’t stop our Volunteers, it doesn’t stop the celebration picnic in their honor!  We thank our amazing volunteers for delivering more than just meals everyday.  In addition to the nutritious meals, caring volunteers provide a friendly, personal connection, a safety check and an important link to the greater community.

      What meal recipients have said about MOW and Volunteers in 2022:

  • “A great help in enabling me to stay self-reliant!”
  • “The volunteer is a friendly and caring person”
  • “Wonderful. I enjoy seeing them”
  • “Service has been VERY helpful. I have a walker and I feel safe and stronger”
  • “I adore all your volunteers. They become friends. Thanks to them all.”
  • “They are friendly and smiles means a lot in the morning.”
  • “Since receiving Meals on Wheels, I have been able to gain 10lbs which was essential. I am now maintaining my appropriate weight.”