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Bringing Computer Skills to Adults

Rockland County residents have a unique way of learning how to use a computer, iPad or Smart phone. The Adult Learning Center of Rockland (ALC), a program of Meals on Wheels Programs & Services of Rockland, is devoted to teaching computers and technology. Classes are held in a state-of-the-art classroom on the Meals on Wheels campus in Nanuet and are offered in morning and afternoon sessions, Monday through Friday.

The ALC, (Adult Learning Center) opened in 1998 and has since instructed some 3,000 students. The program is completely volunteer-driven, and dedicated to teaching students through a learning experience geared for seniors. The ALC provides students the kind of attention that only a small group environment can give. It is a great aid in learning the subject matter. Each student at the ALC has the use of a computer of their own during class.

Classrooms consist of one Instructor and two coaches for a maximum of 8 students. The Coaches assist students during classes. This individualized attention enables students to keep up with the lesson being taught, where they might otherwise become lost in a large classroom environment where it is more of a sink-or-swim experience. The ALC classroom is also equipped with an interactive SMART Board. SMART Board technology acts as a huge computer screen in front of the classroom, enabling students to easily follow along with the lesson on their computer. The SMART Board shows what the instructor sees on their PC/iPad, in real-time. (It's almost like watching a professional cooking on TV while you prepare the dish yourself at home).

The curriculum changes as demand warrants. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 are taught since computers being sold today have one or the other of these operating systems. Students range from the novice-level, needing to learn the basics of using a keyboard and mouse, or may be ready for classes like Introduction to Computers, Basic Skills, Internet basics and email. Students seeking advanced skills may opt for classes in iPad, iPhone and Smart phone use, Digital Photography, Geneology and business software such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Word and Excel classes help develop competitive job skills, imperative in today's job market.

The ALC also hosts a monthly "Open House" where students can get personalized help in any course they have taken at the ALC. In addition, students get assistance with hardware problems they are having. These services are offered at no cost to past and current students. The cost of classes ranges between $15 and $75 each. Classes run from one day to eight weeks, depending on the course work and may also include a course manual for the students to keep.

Students report that these classes have relieved them of their "fear" of computers and today's personal electronics technology. Volunteer Instructors and Coaches find sharing their experience and knowledge with seniors is quite fulfilling and the main reason why they enjoy volunteering at the ALC. Anyone in need of help getting started in improving their PC/IPad skills or with an interest in advanced classes in computing should give the ALC a try. They will be more than pleased with their results.

Course Offerings

Basic Skills
Develop familiarity with the mouse and the keyboard before advancing to the Introduction to Computers course.
Sessions: 1   -   Course Fee: $20

Introduction to Computers
This course provides an introduction to using a computer, some word processing, accessing the internet and using e-mail.
Sessions: 6   -   Course Fee: $60   -   Manual: $15

Microsoft Word:
This course teaches the basic skills of word processing using Microsoft Word. It includes typing and editing simple documents, formatting characters, words, paragraphs, and pages.
Sessions: 4   -   Course Fee: $40   -   Manual: $15

Microsoft Excel:
This course teaches the basic skills of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. It includes manipulating rows and columns and input data and formulae into cells
Sessions: 4   -   Course Fee: $40   -   Manual: $15

Photo Editing With Picasa:
You will learn how to use this simple photo editing software. This free software from Google enables you to perform rudimentary digital manipulation of images.
Sessions: 4   -   Course Fee: $40   -   Manual: $15

Tracing Your Roots with Genealogy
Using Family Tree Maker, you will learn how to start a family file. You will gain experience entering information, showing relationships, adding pictures and sound and printing reports. On-line searches of standard and genealogy sources are part of the course.
Sessions: 8   -   Course Fee: $60

You will learn how to use an iPad and change settings to suite your needs
Sessions: 1   -   Course Fee: $20

Computer Maintenance
You will learn how to delete unnecessary files and improve the performance of your computer. Microsoft updates, backing up data, and internet security will also be covered.
Sessions: 1   -   Course Fee: $20

How to Use a Digital Camera
This course covers the basic skills of operating a digital camera. You will also learn how to transfer images from the camera to the computer.
Sessions: 1   -   Course Fee: $20

Open Session
Come to our Open Session with questions on your course material or your computer. We are available to help you on the first Thursday of the month between 1:00 - 3:00 pm.


Eileen Herkes

Phone: (845) 623-5467


121 West Nyack Road,
Nanuet, NY 10954


Day Dates Class
Tue AM Mar 16 Basic Skills
Tue AM Mar 22 - Apr 12 French Words and Phrases For the Traveler
Wed AM Mar 23 - Apr 13 Introduction to Computers
Wed PM Mar 23 - Apr 13 Picasa
Thu AM Mar 24 - Apr 14 Genealogy
Tue PM Mar 24 & 31 iPads and
Fri AM TBD Computer
Thu PM First Thu
of Month
Open House

AM - 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
PM - 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

* Schedule subject to change

Meals on Wheels' Adult Learning Center Founder Honored

Meals on Wheels' Adult Learning Center Volunteer was recently recognized by the Rockland County Times as an unsung hero. Marty Weitzman volunteers at the Adult Learning Center and was a computer instructor and director of the Adult Learning Center for over 13 years. Through his pioneering volunteer efforts, Marty has helped hundreds of seniors become computer literate. Please click on the button below to read more about Marty.

Rockland Times

Non-Computer Courses

For those students who are interested in a diverse array of courses other than computer skills we encourage you to investigate those offered by the LIU Learning Collabrative. Courses include literature, religion, elder law, music and much more.

For additional information about the LIU courses, visit Select Continuing Education-Learning Collabrative or call (845)-359-7200, extension 5434.